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Chloe Campos




Chloe Campos is a 21 year old first-generation Nicaraguan-American, college student and award winning filmmaker. She is born & raised in Los Angeles and currently attends Dodge College of Media and Arts at Chapman University while simultaneously working on projects outside of school. Her passion for visual arts began with drawing and painting as a child and evolved to include photography and film disciplines. She has written and directed several short films and music videos from the young age of 9 years old. Chloe’s films have ranged from narrative drama to experimental fashion films, touching on a wide spectrum of topics. 

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  • Director Immaculate Heart Community Cash Prize Award at the 27th LA Shorts International Film Festival (2023)

  • "The Doves" (2019)

    • WINNER in 4+ festivals including LA Shorts International Film Festival (2019) and Catalina Film Festival (2019).

  • "Esperanza" (2020)

    • WINNER in Screen Test Student Fest (2020) and Holiday365 International Film Festival (2021) and officially selected in 5+ festivals
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